10 Things You Can Actually Do To Be Stylish Without Spending More

Times are there when you are broke. Although with me it is more often, Boohoo! So How can we look like that trendsetting chic? You don&...

Times are there when you are broke. Although with me it is more often, Boohoo!
So How can we look like that trendsetting chic?
You don't need to spend extra bucks every time you are planning to go out. It doesn't matter what is your body type and skin complexion.What matters is how are you going to carry it.

1. Focus on Basics

Always keep a pair of Indigo Jeans and a white top like 
White Boxy Top from Koovs
Patterned White Top from Abof
V Plaited trim tee from Koovs
in your closet. It is so dark but not black that it keeps the onlookers yearn for more! It is a mystery color for me. Just in love with the colour this season. Being neither on the side of black nor blue , it is a player who manipulates itself according to the whole look. This look with never ditch you !
  • Be the fun time with friends, style it with a Hat/Cap & wear white sneakers along with a backpack.
  • For a date wear crop top with high waisted denims & accessorize with headbands, handcuff and high heels for the sassy look.
2. Accessories

I can't resist buying one when I am shopping. Get one or two pretty bracelets and earrings that will go with every occasion like Golden and silver jewelry. Though I have rarely worn any neckpieces that I own.
Few days back I went to buy a bracelet to match with a dress and there was 40% off on accessories in Globus, eventually I ended up buying three neckpieces. Accessories are like eye candy for me.
They accentuate your look without you doing anything special or splurging on clothes.
Carry a funky slingbag or a black hat.
Buy Cute Monster Bag here!

3. Hairdo

It can either make or break your style. If you feel bored of the same old look of yours, try Hairstyles for Women & Men
Notice the change from being average to the head turner. Select the style which suits your face shape and the attire adorned. For hairstyles according to your face shape follow Which hairstyles will suit your face & which not?

4. Lip Colour & Eyes

Give a touch up to your lips! choose either dark or light shade depending on what time you are heading out and what you have chosen to wear that day.
Lips if left barren can spoil your look. If you have no perfect lip colour to wear try nude colour, it works for every occasion.Buy one nude and light pink lip colour from maybelline. Follow the links-Superstay Pink Blush Lipcolour & Pink Blast. Also you can try Lakme Peach Lipstick, all under Rs 500.

For Eyes, simply apply kohl and add a glitter to them with vaseline base and eyeshadow if you want. Otherwise you can stay minimal and stylish both at the same time.

5. Footwear

It is always worth spending on basics first. Occupy your cabinet with one pair of heels, strappy sandals and sneakers. White, Black and Nudes work simply great with any sort of clothing. Invest in these first so that you have footwear for every occasion even when you don't want to spend on new ones. Some of the footwear in fashion are-

White sneakers you can get on amazing prices. Click on the below links-

White Shoes at Rs 300
White Lace Up Shoes for Rs1000
White Sneakers Above Rs 1500

You can shop   1. Cut Out Brogues
                        2. Sonam Kapoor Loafers here! 
                        3 Brown Brogue shoes  at low prices.

6. Shop Off Season

It is the best way to have many options in your wardrobe without stretching too much in your pockets. Also nowadays we mainly shop online so search for the same product on different sites for the price difference. Trust me, I always do this and it really is helpful there is a price difference in most of the cases.

7. Review Cart

I can understand  being online shopaholic we get so many options and we fall in love with all of them. We want each one of them. But reconsider your choices before buying, keep the cart as it is for 2 days. I am sure there gonna be some additions and deletions after 2 days as the fashion is very volatile these days. We might not like the same dress as much we loved it 2-3 days back. If you still fall for it, go ahead and buy it but don't forget to check it on other sites too.
I had kept dress in cart at one website for a week now. Thank god I didn't buy it because I saw some other pretty dress and got bored of it within a week. So it's better to reconsider your choices in the times of shortage.
Set up a budget before and stick to it.

8. Discounts 

Don't confuse the word with sale. Sales are the biggest trap one can fall in ! So beware. I mean we succumb to our wishes seeing a sale and at that moment it is like it is so cheap we will buy this too and that too. But in reality we don't need any of those.
But discounted things are different, they are your well-wishers.

Since Koovs was raining heavy discounts around 50-70 %.
I got this Maxi skirted playsuit cum gown at Rs 495 only. Amazing isn't it?

Like this beautiful turqouise dress was for RS 2,495 and I got it for Rs 1,130 only.
Taylor Swift Lookalike dress

9. Selling from your closet

Everyone of us get bored of our collection and need its replacement. We buy the new and the old
ones just lay there, eating up the space.
What if you can get rid of them and earn while doing so.YES!! It's true...Just Click, Share & Sell.
There are many apps in the market that help you in getting customers for selling the clothes which you really don't need like StylFlip, Spoyl, Coutloot, etc.

10. Buying from other users

Like selling from your closet, you can buy from somebody else's too. Updating your wardrobe according to the latest fashion trends is not a costly affair when it comes to buying from users. The same outfit which you saw on your favorite fashion blogger will be definitely on some app like few mentioned in the 9th point at much lower prices. So you can enjoy the deal without straining your pocket.

Stay Stylish!