How To Take Care Of Skin In Summers At Home

Hi Pretty people, I know you have landed on this page searching for some home-made remedies for skin. I have very dry skin and staying ...

Hi Pretty people,

I know you have landed on this page searching for some home-made remedies for skin.

I have very dry skin and staying in Delhi, the pollution has made our skin dull and gradually it will age quicker than our mother's skin did!

So I will start with my regime for Dry Skin. I won't be telling 10 ways or 5 ways. it is just what I do normally. You will be thinking that your skin is perfect soft, supple and clear but if you are trying applying filters or removing blemishes to your selfie there is definitely something missing! Trust me you can do a huge make over to it.It can look far better than it looks today.

Some Ingredients from the Kitchen :

    1. Wheat Flour
    2. Baking Soda


    3. Ice Cubes
    4. Lemon  ( Skin Lightener )
    5. Tomato ( Skin Lightener )

   6. Curd
   7. Honey

Everything concerned about skin problems can be treated with lemon and honey. They are like oxygen and Hydrogen of water. It is something I can't miss out in my House.

6 Steps Method: 


1. Take a pinch of Wheat flour and wash your face with it. You can add honey to it. It will clear your complexion with regular use and it is a natural scrub too. Most important fact is it will always be available at your home no need of spending bucks on branded stuff.


2. After this you can either use Patanjali scrub or Baking Soda when applied on nose removes all the blackheads & leaving it soft and supple.


3. Take steam from steamer for not more than 8-10 mins. You can add rosewater/ Lemon/ Aroma liquid/Honey in it for soothing effects. It will open up your tight clogged pores . let them breeeatheeee!!aaahhh....take a deep breath.

Steaming is like regular science. Heating expands our skin, hence open up the pores.
But do stay away from steamer don't take steam too closely it can cause burns.

Steam should be taken 1 or 2 times per month.It helps to increase blood circulation in face and reduces breakouts.Your skin feels polished.


4. Use lemon solution as a Toner or tea tree toner to close the pores.It is an important step as open pores can lead to acne, blackheads with prominent view of open pores.

Sometimes, I use Lakme Absolute Pore Fix Toner- it contains Glycerin which works best for dry skin. Remember to mix lemon juice with rosewater, it dilutes the acid and a well known toner in itself closes the pores.

Ice Cubes also shrinks the pores.Cold Temperature contracts your skin.
Similarly, Tomato is a cold fruit. It cools the skin and helps in sun-tanned skin.

Do not dry your skin with a towel after toning, let it air-dry.


5. Apply Honey + Tomatoes crushed face pack /multani mitti + Rosewater whichever you want to, it will close the pores.

It is not good to trap moisture in with open pores. The moisturizer sinks in even if they are closed otherwise it results in blackheads. Honey is like a God for skin. It adds glow and keeps it moisturized. Your skin feels soft & supple (chubby chubby).

Curd can also be used in face packs as it boosts protein intake for our skin

You can also cover the tired eyes with frozen green tea bags for 15 mins.


6. I personally use glycerin because I have a dry skin. But I have to wash it after some time as it gets irritating due to its greasy nature plus it tastes sweet on the lips. But definitely a Wonder Drug! What you can do is mix one drop of it with your cream.
Vaseline is an another substitute.
You can use any night cream with Vitamin.E if you are taking steam at night, to add glow of health.

Nothing can beat natural Ingredients from your kitchen. Make your own cream:-
Take some fresh Cream add 1/4th avocado and 1 tablespoon honey-Mix well and refrigerate for few hours before use.

7. Also stop TOUCHING YOUR FACE habit -all the dirt of your hands gets transferred to your face and leads to acne.

8. Eat Well. Include coconut water, fruit juices , fruits , salads in your diet.

As you can see I am new in the blogging world. Give me your suggestions.
Stay Young Stay Happy.
Love <3