11 Easy And Handy Tips To Remove Fine Lines Under Eyes

UPDATED ON 05/12/2016 in red colour. You are in your twenties, OMG! They are on your face. At this age , when our skin should glow like ...

UPDATED ON 05/12/2016 in red colour.

You are in your twenties, OMG! They are on your face.
At this age , when our skin should glow like a firefly in the night , it is as if a blown out wick.
Is your youth seeing a setting sun? then this post is for you.

Reasons why these fine lines appear -

1. With age our skin losses elasticity.
2. Dry skin is more vulnerable to fine lines and wrinkles.
3. We talk, we laugh, we cry, make faces.
It is an unavoidable part of life. We can’t be inexpressive sitting like zombies.

My granny says don't use too much cosmetics, it will make your skin dependent on them & I truly love her advice. But as a matter of fact we live in a completely different conditions than theirs. So we need a little extra care.
The skin around eyes can bring metamorphoses in your look. It can make you look 10 years younger.
I get scared to see these very fine lines under my eyes most probably the reason of future prominent
This post will cover mainly those methods, which you can do without investing too much of your time. These steps can be done daily without hampering your day's schedule.

Water Bucket Therapy

Dip your face in the bucket full of water and then open and close your eyes. The thrust of water pumps up the nerves of the eyes. This therapy is mentioned by Baba Ramdev to improve the vision.

2. Post Wash Care 

Never rub your skin with a towel, always DAB it mildly.What happens is with constant rubbing is with constant stretching and pulling, our skin gradually develops fine lines. It is applicable with hands too, moisturize them in small circular motions.

3. Sleeping Posture 

For a person like me who is a side-sleeper and need a pillow to cuddle all night. I understand its difficult to develop a habit of sleeping on Back.Try it for 21 days.

Sleeping sideways constantly rubs and stretches your skin and sleeping in that posture till morning can give serious linings on our face

4. Oil 

Never leave skin dry. 
Always keep a moisturizer in your handbag and apply it frequently on your hands, forehead , upper lip and chin area.
Use natural oils like coconut oil (i don't like the smell) but have found one Virgin coconut oil that's different I liked it, glycerine (too Greasy), olive oil, almond oil or Castor oil. You can either use these products as such or by adding 1-3 drops in your face cream.
Oiling keeps elasticity maintained in the skin, whereas dry skin makes it prone to damage. I sometimes use himalayas baby massage oil too.

5. Drink 

Our skin is like a plant, it needs to be watered. This particular point you can find almost in every site concerned about skin. Daily intake of water should be 2-3 lts. What I personally do is drinking 1 glass lime juice after getting up in the morning, then 500 ml bottle twice in office, patanjali amla juice one glass after reaching home; like that.

6. Massage 

Massage with your ring finger. It puts the right amount of pressure on eye area in clockwise direction then anticlockwise. You can also use Retinol Serum for massaging.

7. Specs n 

Definition for basic necessities of life has changed to laptops and mobile phones and with it use we are constantly straining our eyes. Buy one pair of anti-glare spectacles for office.The bluish Anti reflective coating protects eye from too much intensity of light and unnecessary fatigue. Things appear clear hence improves vision too.You can order it from Lenskart.com
When outside, use sunshades to avoid strain.

8. Coconut night cream

Dab coconut oil with cotton before sleeping and using ring finger massage the eye area.The skin around eyes is different from face's. It tends to lose moisture faster than the cheeks.

9. SPF

Usually, Sunscreens are not tested for use near eye region that's why it is written avoid contact with eyes. 
As told earlier, the skin around eyes is thinnest on the face so UVA induced signs of aging appear sooner than the rest of the face.You can try Non-Comedogenic (won't clog pores) SPF. It will be written somewhere on the packaging. The one I use is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch Sunblock with Helioplex. 
Never dab a thick layer over the eye area. If your sunscreen is very thick and greasy, then it's just not suitable for eye area.

10. Become Friends with Rosewater 

Always keep rosewater (gulaabjal) handy in your bag.When you reach office even if you travel by a car, the abrasive environment can't leave you alone. Just moisten your clean handkerchief/cotton with rosewater and dab it on your face to remove the impurities.
If you are not wearing any makeup you can wash your face before it with honey lemon solution home-made facewash. ( It's very easy to make and store in a glass bottle). Dab the rosewater - it acts a chemical free toner. It freshens the skin.

11. Splash!

After reaching home, splash water on your face 12 times with eyes open. It will clear the eyes off impurities.

This post was more about things which are doable without much-a-do..If you want to know about them, please let me know. I will make a separate post for home-made face masks with some pictures within few days.
Stay Pretty as you are, in & out.
With Love <3


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