Everything You Want To Know About Hair Smoothing And After Care

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED ON 04/10/2016 You can find the updates in red colour. Hey pretty girls! Every morning we get up with those ...

You can find the updates in red colour.

Hey pretty girls!

Every morning we get up with those dry, frizzy hair. Harsh environment and heavy styling has taken a toll on our hair. I can just imagine at my age, my mother was having so long and heavy hair but look at me.

Though I believe we should use natural home remedies, but due to busy schedules or just laziness, its tough to be regular with home made treatments.
No doubt they are the best but they take their time to show results and that too one should be regular.

Now coming to my case- I used to have thick wavy hair 5 years back but due to staying away from home, change in my lifestyle eating food outside and change in water quality at every place I stay it has gone thin, break-prone and has stopped growing long.
When I see my cousins and sister-in law, they have grown long hair and they all have one thing in common hair smoothening.

I too decided to get my hair smoothened but could not find enough sources on internet. Then I did some research on chemicals from google and asked the ones who have themselves done it for personal comments/ reviews.
I went to Hair Salon which I trust wont use fake products and due to 50% festive discounts got it done in just 3500/- with hair cut at 500. Amazing isn't it!

It goes like -

Procedure :

1. The stylist washed my hair well and applied Schwarzkopf Glatt professional Hair Straightener cream in a 'straight' manner, it felt heavy on my head. Yeah my head was kinda getting slightly tilted to one side. It's like something is pulling your hair down. He did it for some 15 mins as my hair is not that long it took him less time. We waited for 10 more mins after application. meanwhile I enjoyed the songs playing on TV and he served me Kulhad chai.

He had informed me earlier that it would take minimum 3 hours so I had taken a book to read with me.

I had read on some blogs that your neck and back will pain a lot and before your treatment don't have any fluids because you can't go to pee. NOTHING TO GET SCARED OFF.

2. The smell of the products was too strong that I couldn't concentrate on my reading. I was not allowed to move my head also. Now the time came for another wash, a blow dry and then straightening hair with a electric rod. It is most important part of hair smoothening which decides how straight your hair will look.

3. He applied another Glatt cream in the same straight motion before washing it off.

4. Application of Serum and cold blow dry.

5. After 3 days I had to visit the salon again to get my first wash after the treatment.
Minimum three days time is set so that the chemicals get set in those 3 days.
There he applied Loreal's mythic oil serum on my damp hair, blow dried it and called me for my first spa after next 3 days.

No Nos :

Keeping your hair away from-

Sweat so no to gym as well,
Putting hair behind your ear,
Tie ups -  hair pins or pony rubber band, and

Don't judge me but I didn't bathed for 2 days but the dam of my patience broke, I tied my hair with a light clutcher and bathed in the evening of 2nd day. It felt heavenly.

After 3 Days...

I had my Spa-Loreal's Mythic Spa. My hair had become super oily in just 3 days. The head massage was pure bliss. Next morning I felt a change in my facial skin too. It was bright and shiny not dry. Minimum 3 spas are must for maintaining health of your hair. He cut my hair from bottom as they were very thin and were not looking good. So he did some minor touch ups..

Few clarifications:

1. I chose Schwarzkopf products in comparison to L'Oreal's because I did my prior research on internet about which is better, but found nothing. I followed my heart then and chose Schwarzkopf treatment, thinking since it is costlier than Loreal's so it must better than the latter.

2. The neck do pains! in my case it started during second wash during hair smoothening.

3. Your hair should be straight in first 3 days.
Keep a comb handy with you always.
My hair tasted Rajma chawal when I was having my food while trying not to put them behind my ear. But its just a matter of 3 days just pamper them.

4. I generally tie my hair in office and keeping them loose for 3 days in a company which is male oriented. My friends called me 'Betaal' just the need of coloring them white ( POKER FACE)

5. Place a satin cloth on your pillow so that if you are not able to sleep straight or not able to keep hair straight while sleeping.

6. Regarding LONG HAIR as I mentioned in the beginning. During all this process we take very good care of our hair which we are not able to take otherwise.
We get particular about hair products, hair spas, etc and our hair gets smooth finish so it is not breaking midway which is the problem in my case and also lesser hair fall as there is less intermingling of hair.

[ UPDATE : My hair fall gradually increased may be due to change of the season so I changed my shampoo to
Link - Loreal Hair Spa Detoxification Shampoo ]

7. NO to Hair Coloring till 3 Months as it will overdose chemicals to your hair.

8. NO to Hair oil for 2 months.

9. There is no harm to the texture of hair. NO side effects otherwise.

I have bought Schwarzkopf Repair Bonacure Shampoo and Hair Masque from Purplle.com at amazing price of 1238/- through mobikwik wallet at further discount of 150/- BEST BUY!
My Stylist told me to go for L'Oreal Mythic oil serum but couldn't find it anywhere so I ordered L'Oreal Xtenso hair serum.

Using any big Hair Clutcher it leaves my hair slightly wavy so try to avoid hard clamps. Use small clamps to tie hair back that falls on your face to maintain the straight look for long.
But the question arises while taking a bath, just clamp your hair loosely not with a hard clamp .

All the above information is my personal experience. In case you have any suggestions for keeping hair at ease and healthy, please do comment below.

Stay beautiful in and out!
Lots of Love <3


  1. nice blog
    thanks for sharing information.
    Hair Care TreatmentsThe health of your hair and scalp can speak volumes about your internal balance. Factors like genetics, excessive use of chemicals, illness, weather changes and poor circulation are the major causes behind issues like hair fall, dandruff and damaged hair.

    1. Hi Sanjay!
      Thank u so much for liking it :) It was my first ever blogpost..glad that it is reaching up to you guys. Please do post any of your queries if you have related to hair smoothening/keratin treatment or any other beauty related issue.

    2. Hi Supriya, I am going for hair treatment 1st time so very confused which one should i accept. I had hair coloring also due to which my hair are very rough damaged and frizzy. So please suggest me which will be best for me and from where shall i get it done. I am from ghaziabad. Thanks

    3. just sharing my personal opinion...my hair was previously coloured and bleached... i had done both loreal xtenso and schwarzkopf... i felt xtenso to be more smoother but it lasted me completely for like 4 months and partially for 6 months even though my hair is naturally straight with slight waves....schwarzkopf feels a bit heavy rather than smoothened... i am not sure how it will be in the long run as im new to it... i somehow feel loreal is more replenishing one especially when the hair is damaged :)

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  3. I have recently got my hair straightened. To pull back my hair from face I had put on a hard clamp. But now that I took it off, I can see waves. Are these waves permanent? Or will it go after I wash my hair?

    1. Hi,
      If there are waves just after 2-3 days of hair straightening. In short, in the time after hair straightening and before first wash if the waves appear- they are there to STAY !!
      contact your hair dresser he can straighten it up using rods..
      You should not use hard clutchers.

  4. VLCC range of International Hair Smoothing provides a complete hair care solution to all hair types for hair fall prevention.

  5. Hi..which product would you recommend for hair smoothening, loreal or schwarzkopf. Also, do you see any damage in hair quality, or excess hair fall after the treatment.

    1. Hi :)
      I would recommend you to go with L'Oreal smoothening. Basically it doesn't matter much as per my experience. It depends on your stylist- how well he does he do it. I faced hair fall which was not new to me.
      Hair fall was not aggravated because of the treatment. Only thing I noticed is gradually my hair started turning grey. I have 2 more examples around me who faced similar issue.
      I think it was one of the many 'other' factors to pre-maturely age my hair :)

  6. Hii supriya
    I had my hair smothning on 29th oct she had washed my hair on 31 till thous days it was good. But after 7 days she told me to come for spa during this period she told me to wash hair at home. I had washed it but after washing my hair are no longer straight and smooth + wavy dam confused what can i do plz help

    1. This is strange!
      How did you wash your hair? with what products?
      This happened with my aunt too, though honestly I have no idea about her treatment but I recall her reciting a similar situation. What she did was she used normal dove shampoo after hair rebonding, which is not recommended.

  7. Is Schwarzkopf is good ?
    My hair is long n thick... Also I use mehndi..... It's my 1st tym to smoothing my hair it's good na??? Plz rply...

    1. Yes it is good..you can go with L'Oréal too. Mehendi application is not an issue. Just don't apply it 1-2 months before otherwise it interferes with the chemicals

  8. Can I use hair clips and tie my hair after 3 days of rebonding? Will it create waves ? Can I sleep however I wanna sleep without fear of waves?? Plz help

    1. No! A strict no no...
      Though while we don't have any options but keep a comb around.
      Points to keep in mind-
      1. Use satin pillow covers, if possible to keep hair as it is. Coz it is very soft and doesn't mess with hair.

      2. Sleep upright facing the ceiling with hair keep straight ( above head not behind the neck area)

  9. hi, i have also done my hair smoothened..n now it is 7 days up..it is time for first wash n i am afraid that hair will get spoilt.. plz share ur experience of first wash n hair mask or spa..what to do?